e-Commerce gives you another distribution channel for your product or service that works for you around the clock, all over the world. From security and data warehousing, to the integration of your customer database, Unisyme, has the expertise to help your company make money online.

An easy-to-buy-at website lets you close the deal without your even having to be there. Unisyme creates a system so that you can offer potential customers:

  A Dynamic Product Database
  Secure Online Ordering
  A Shopping Cart System where the shipping charges, taxes, and total balance are automatically computed
  Easy Credit Card Processing through a secure Internet connection (SSL)
  A Retailer Locator

e-Business is changing the rules of commerce. It's not enough anymore to rely on clever merchandising. We can help your business reach new markets efficiently on a global scale. Unisyme transforms business processes to the Internet.

e-business is transforming business activities and re-defining business partnerships. e-business creates value by using the Internet, Intranets, Cellular Networks and other digital technologies to attract and communicate with clients, suppliers, employees and other key stakeholders.

Our e-Business solutions will increase your value by helping you with:

  Supply Chain Management - Stripping time from the delivery of goods and services to the customer
  Customer Relationship Management - Enhancing the customer's buying and service experience
  e-Commerce - Providing the customer with new channels for purchasing
  Knowledge Management - Leveraging knowledge capital within the organization
  365 days a year - 24 hours a day accessibility
  Supply chain integration
  Inventory and service management integration
  Legacy systems integration
  Content management across the enterprise
  Alignment of operations with strategic and tactical decisions

Unisyme's strategic and tactical planning goes beyond a basic website so that you can combine "old world" business processes with the best in technical solutions.

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