What is your turnaround on designing and developing a new website?

We have produced a simple website within a week of material handover/delivery. However, on any project that has a reasonable level of complexity, we prefer to budget at least 4 to 6 weeks for design drafts, client liaison HTML markup, scripting and testing.

What is your turnaround on website maintenance work?

Depending on urgency, as little as 3 to 4 hours on simple changes. More details can be found in our page on website maintenance.

You don't seem to offer website packages like a lot of web design companies. Why not?

We don't have any standard pricing packages for either hosting or site design and implementation as we tailor our hosting services, technical programming, design and consulting fees to suit our customers unique requirements and budget. Many companies provide these "package deals" but this has never worked for us or our clients as no company can be easily slotted into any particular package, based on irrelevant measures such as number of pages, number of images, and so on. If a package only allows say 5 pages for less than x dollars, this may prevent you from presenting your products and services correctly and it is better not to think in these terms.

Please contact us about your project and your budget and we are confident we can provide an affordable solution for you, within your budget/reach.

What do I need in order to conduct e-commerce on my site?

Unisyme Inc., can implement a simple shopping cart for your site, tailored for your type of customer and product. If you do not have a merchant account (i.e. you cannot directly accept credit cards) we can include an interface to third party payment systems such as Paypal, Worldpay or nearly 43 payment gateways of your choice. We are also capable of making your shopping cart to the next level, m-Commerce.

Unisyme's unique CMS (Content Management System) can also be implemented so that you do not require our services on day to day basis for modifications/updations, thus reducing the costs and total control.

What if I am interested in Website Security, but I already have an existing website?

We are sorry, we can only compile your web contents only, if we, design your website.

What payments do you accept for any of the services you offer?

We accept major credit cards, payable through Paypal. For more info, just contact us.

What is Corporate Presentations and in which formats is it available?

The Corporate Presentation is a kind of an electronic brochure, designed with the help of graphics, audio & video, whatever your choice of option is. We design Corporate Presentations by using Macromedia Flash.

The formats available for Corporate Presentations will be self executing formats or other formats can also be available on request (Projector Files/SWF Formats, AVI, WMV, RM, QTVR)